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Popular Questions

Product Quality

Who made these products?
Here all of our products are made by cb_shop team. Most of the members are still studying and part time doing this creative job but they maintain the professionalism.
How could i trust the quality?
To ensure every product’s quality, we’ve our quality maintenance team to take care, they check products quality and refuse products if there are any defeats.
Will the product looks as like as given picture?
We always give the real photograph (Without edit & color manipulations) even we also include video review products will almost same. Looks may vary a little for lighting conditions.
If i got defeats in my package?
We’ve our maintenance team to check the product quality and before sending the products to you the team checked it in 3 layer on the time of packaging.
If i got a wrong product?
Our maintenance team checked the product in three layer before sending the product, we send the product exactly you ordered and ensure your purchase with no-harassment.

Delivery Time

Do you stock your products?
Yes, We always stock our products and then we do marketing of it. If the products runs out i’ll automatically show out of stock banner in website product page.
If it stock out from your shop after my order?
If a product gone out of stock, our web software automatically marked it as out of stock. If your order has been taken then the product is yours. You’ll get it in the given time.
When you send the product after order confirmation?
All the ordered products we try to send within 24-72 hours. If you give pre-order then the time will vary by the category. For ornament it may 1 week & for clothing it may 4 weeks.
When i'll get the product delivery?
In dhaka city you’ll get your product in hand with 3-5 working days and If you’re from outside dhaka then you’ll get the product within 5-7 working days. We give estimate in confirmation call.
Is it possible to cancel an order?
Yes, You can cancel the order within 24 hour of order. If 24 hour over and the product goes out from our warehouse, you can’t. cancel the order. You’ve to pick the package and pay bills.

About Company

Who are cb_shop ?
Basically cb_shop is a concern of CreativeBirds Ltd. and cb_shop is the First Bangladeshi e-commerce platform based on Handicrafts. Here you’ll get all the handmade creative products.
Do you have any outlet ?
No, we do not have any outlet in the market. All of our products are available only in online platform. You can also find our products in our Facebook Page & Instagram.
Who is the founder/owner of this shop?
Zerico Afrina started this shop with Asif Nomani(Founder of CreativeBirds Ltd) both of them are still student and basically they are the persons who are called as “Creative Birds”.
Do you have any other service?
Yes, we provide these services : Branding, Graphics Design, Web Design, Video Production & Digital. For these services you’ve to visit : https://creativebirds.ltd website. Thank You!
Can i get your contact information?
Sure, You can send message via our Contact Page or Send message via whatsApp: 01538040380 (if it urgent, give a phone call) also you can send a mail to : cbshop.com.bd@gmail.com Thank You!

Affiliate Program

Do you offer affiliate?
Yes, We have developed simple yet powerful and easy to understand Affiliate system for digital marketers. Even, peoples without having experience in marketing can do it.
Why your affiliate program?
We are spending the advertisement budget in our affiliate program. So that, some students can earn without any investment and they don’t need any special skills.
Can i join your affiliate program! How?
Yes, you can by simply going Become an Affiliate Page. Register, Send a message on whatsApp/Facebook Page. We’ll give you a simple free training, add you on affiliate group and activate your affiliate mail.
When i'll start earning?
You’ll start earning after verification. Just register as an affiliate and knock us on whatsApp/fb page. We’ll approve your mail as an affiliate then you’ll start earning and we pay the amounts weekly.
How much commission i'll be paid on per sell?
You’ll get 10%-20% of the product’s amount. It depends on your affiliate position. We’ve three stage of affiliate, check them in : Affiliate Commission Page. Keep doing good works, happy earning!


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